I’ve just finished reading Arabic for Designers, by Mourad Boutros .

I found it both interesting and entertaining.  Almost entirely based on analysis of examples culled from the press, advertisements and signage,  it illustrates the difference between good and bad logos and layout when translating between English and Arabic.

Although someone who does not understand Arabic will find much of interest, an understanding of Arabic is really required in order to gain full benefit from the examples.

One logo which Mourad did not mention but which I think is a good example of the translation into Arabic is that of CNN:

CNN arabic logo

CNN arabic logo

For those who can’t read Arabic, the text CNN in red has been reinterpreted as 3 clear Arabic letters by the placing of the dots around them.  The resultant Arabic says ‘bilarabiyya’, meaning ‘in Arabic’.

Edit 1/2009:  I found this nice photo set of arabic logos of some well-known brands: