Many years ago, before the internet took off, I was subscribed to a conferencing system called cix. In the ‘Islam’ debating area it was claimed that there must be some element of moon worship in Islam because the Islamic calendar is lunar.

Although it is ludicrous to say that muslims worship the moon, you still hear of some people claiming it to be the case.

Well I don’t have time today, Tuesday, to properly comment on this so tomorrow, on Woden’s day, or perhaps on Thor’s day, I’ll make my views clear. I should have finished by Sun-day or Moon-day. Certainly by when the Earth completes its orbit around the sun and the year therefore comes to an end, I should have a good reply to these claims.

The finished article will make clear to all those Woden, Thor, Sun and Moon worshipping Christians out there, that using the rhythms of astronomical objects for governing the calendar does not necessarily involve their worship.