I use Ubuntu on my desktop so I was keen to get it running on my C750. Here’s how:

1) Follow the instructions given in ZaurusUbuntu as far as logging in as root. Before launching startx:

2) killall tskeys

3) Reconfigure the touchscreen as per OE Forum thread

4) edit .xinitrc and remove the xrandr line

5) date -u 021913202008 and hwclock –systohc as per these instructions

6) startx should now work

Then, for wifi I am trying to use an AMBICOM WL1100C.

1) I enabled dhcp by changing /etc/passwd/dhcp to 0:0 (ie root) as per this thread

However, I can’t get it working on zunbuntu yet, on Angstrom I had to mess around with:
iwpriv wlan0 reset 0 and/or iwpriv wlan0 reset 2
while attempting to connect with the GPE connection manager (which then worked).